Our extensive class list means there's something for everyone regardless of age or ability! We are constantly updating our classes so make sure you check out what's new!

Portrait of a girl child 9-10 years old


Strictly Awsome!

Join our Ballroom and Latin dance classes for adults and children from complete beginners to advanced dancers. Individuals or couples are welcome!
Learn to dance all Ballroom and Latin dances including sophisticated Waltz, lively Jive, passionate Tango, cheeky Cha-cha-cha, romantic Rumba or elegant Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Qickstep, Samba, Paso Doble and Salsa are also on the menu. Classes take place in an easy-going, sociable setting, where everyone is encouraged to get to know one another and have fun learning dancing.


Let's go, Let's GO!

Cheerleading, pom dance and street/ urban cheer combine many technical elements of dance styles such as jazz hip hop, funk pop, lyrical commercial, hip-hop and street. In our classes, young people can expect to learn many style and infuse them with the popular growing style of cheer alongside learning compulsory elements and techniques such as arm motions, jumps, kick, splits, leaps chants and cheers!

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Flip, Leap and Roll!

Info to follow


Pop, lock and tut!

Hip-Hop / Street is fast paced and encompasses elements such as popping, locking, breaking and commercial styles! It allows individuals the freedom 2 express their style to a variety of different beats!

If your child wants to to groove, move and have fun then this could be the class for them

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Beautiful girl wearing black dress and b


Sing, dance and act!

Participate in all three performing arts disciplines - dance classes and singing classes - helping to develop confidence, physical awareness, communication and articulation - as well as being educational and lots of fun! In addition, opportunities exist for students to be offered professional work in film, theatre and modelling by the Stagecoach Agency.


You're never too old to dance!

Mature Movers is aimed at ladies and gentlemen aged 50 years plus who enjoy dance.  This class will improve your fitness and mobility with gentle dance movement from a range of dance styles and music from the 60's through the decades.

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Little cool hip-hop boy in dance. Isolat


Dance for Pre-Schoolers!

Join us in Disco Ducks for the ultimate pre-school dance experience for children 18month-3 years!

This class is a fun introduction to street and disco freestyle classes.  Children will be introduced to the loveable disco duck character and his fun action inspires songs and stories supported by preparatory exercises, providing specific learning outcomes based around dance, for example: rhythm and timing, musicality, spacial awareness and so on.