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Uniform Guidelines

Effective Date: June 2024


At Freedom 2 Dance, we believe that wearing the correct uniform is essential for promoting discipline, unity, and a sense of belonging among our students. Our uniform guidelines ensure that all students are dressed appropriately for their classes, enhancing their performance, and fostering a professional learning environment.

Uniform Guidelines by Class

Musical Theatre:

  • F2D Tee

  • Black Leggings, shorts, or joggers

  • Jazz shoes or clean indoor trainers

  • Hair neatly tied back

Ballroom & Latin:

  • Practice Dresses

  • Ballroom & Latin Shoes

  • Hair neatly tied back

Cheer Dance:

  • F2D Tee

  • Black Leggings, shorts, or joggers

  • Jazz shoes/Jazz Sneakers or clean indoor trainers

  • Hair neatly tied back

Street Dance:

  • F2D Tee

  • Black Leggings, shorts, or joggers

  • Clean indoor trainers

  • Hair neatly tied back

Acro Dance:

  • Black leotard and shorts

  • Bare feet

  • Hair in a bun or two French/Dutch braids

Ballet & Tap:

  • Pink Ballet Dress

  • Pink Ballet Socks

  • Pink Ballet Shoes and silver tap glitter or black tap shoes

  • Hair in a neat bun

All uniforms are available for purchase on our website:

Importance of Wearing Uniforms

  • Discipline and Focus: Uniforms help students transition into a learning mindset, enhancing their focus and discipline during classes.

  • Professionalism: Wearing the correct attire instils a sense of professionalism and respect for the art form.

  • Safety: Proper dancewear is designed to provide the appropriate support and freedom of movement, reducing the risk of injury.

  • Unity and Equality: Uniforms create a sense of unity and equality among students, minimising distractions and promoting inclusivity.

  • Identification: Uniforms make it easier for instructors to identify students, ensuring they receive the correct guidance and support.

By adhering to these uniform guidelines, we can ensure a safe, respectful, and focused learning environment for all our students. Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to maintaining the high standards of Freedom 2 Dance.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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