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Child Supervision Policy

Effective: April 2024

Ensuring the safety of children visiting our studios is our utmost priority. It is crucial to establish a clear understanding between parents and our staff regarding the shared responsibility for the safety of children during their visit.


While your child is receiving a lesson in a studio, they are under the care of one of our teachers. However, we kindly remind parents that we are not responsible for the welfare of children during the following times:


  • While waiting for the class to be called into the studio

  • If the child requests to leave the class for a toilet break

  • After the class has concluded or while waiting between two consecutive classes, if attending more than one

Please be mindful of this if you decide to leave your child unattended at the studio.


At the end of class if you do not come in to collect your child from reception a member of staff will bring them to the door, please be prompt in collection as we only have a 5 minute turnaround between classes. 


If you decide to leave your child at the studio between classes please note that our reception staff (usually junior assistants) are not there to supervise or manage behaviour. If your child is not waiting sensibly you will be required to wait with them between classes. 


We are not responsible for children who leave the studio between class to go to the local shops.  If any children under secondary school age are seen leaving the studio a member of staff will stop them in the interest of their own safety.

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