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Guidelines for Competitors & Parents

Effective Date: June 2024


At Freedom 2 Dance, we are committed to fostering a supportive and positive environment for our competitors and their families. These guidelines are designed to ensure that all participants represent our school with professionalism and respect, both on and off the dance floor.

General Conduct

  • Respect: All competitors and parents are expected to treat fellow dancers, teachers, judges, and other schools with respect and courtesy.

  • Professionalism: Competitors should conduct themselves professionally at all times, both during competitions and in any public settings where they represent Freedom 2 Dance.

  • Sportsmanship: Display good sportsmanship, supporting and encouraging peers and accepting results gracefully.

Attendance and Commitment

  • Practice: Competitors must attend all scheduled classes and additional rehearsals as required.

  • Punctuality: Arrive on time for class, rehearsals, and competitions.

  • Commitment: Demonstrate a high level of commitment and dedication to improving skills and preparing for competitions.

Competition Preparation

  • Uniforms and Costumes: Ensure all costumes and uniforms are clean, well-maintained, and conform to competition guidelines. All costumes should be approved by the teacher prior to competitions.

  • Hair and Makeup: Follow the school's guidelines for hair and makeup to maintain a uniform appearance.

  • Equipment: Bring all necessary equipment, including shoes, props, and accessories, and ensure they are in good condition.

Travel and Accommodation

  • Travel Plans:  Make sure to arrive at the competition venue with sufficient time to prepare and warm up.

  • Travel: the parent / guardian is responsible for their own travel and should not commit if suitable travel arrangements are not in place.

  • School Bus: For competitions further afield the ‘Friends of Freedom 2 Dance’ may organise a bus at their descresion, this may or may not be subsidised depending on funds available. 


  • Updates: Regularly check emails and school communication channels for updates on competition schedules, practices, and other important information.

  • Concerns: If you have any concerns or questions, contact the school administration promptly.  Email:

Parent Involvement

  • Support: Provide encouragement and support to your child and their peers. Avoid putting undue pressure on your child.

  • Behaviour: Parents should model good behaviour and sportsmanship at all times, both at competitions and in interactions with other parents and competitors.

  • Feedback: Address any feedback or concerns with the teacher privately and constructively.

Health and Safety

  • Well-being: Ensure your child gets adequate rest, nutrition, and hydration, especially during competition periods.

  • Injuries: Report any injuries to the teacher immediately and follow appropriate medical advice.

  • Emergency Contacts: Provide up-to-date emergency contact information to the school so that we can adhere to strict BOPA regulations.

Compliance with Rules

  • Competition Rules: Adhere to all rules and regulations set by the competition organisers.

  • School Policies: Follow all Freedom 2 Dance policies and guidelines, including those related to behaviour, attendance, and attire.

Disciplinary Actions

  • Violations: Any violation of these guidelines may result in action, which could include suspension from competitions.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to maintaining the high standards of Freedom 2 Dance. 

We look forward to many successful and rewarding competitions! 

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