Classes coming soon to Monday's


4:00pm Infant  Ballroom & Latin 4-7yrs

4:45pm Junior 1  Ballroom & Latin  - 8-11yrs

5:30pm Junior 2 Ballroom & Latin 8-11 Yrs

6:15pm Senior Ballroom & Latin -12-17yrs

7:00pm Adult Ballroom & Latin 


9:30am Disco Duck Pre School Dance - Parent & Child aged 18 months -3yrs

10:30am Disco Duck Pre-School Dance - Parent & Child aged 18 months -3yrs

10:30am Mature Movers - Light dance movement for ladies & gents aged 50+

4:00pm  Junior 1 Cheer Dance 

4:00pm Junior 2A Cheer Dance

4:45pm Junior 2B Cheer Dance

4:45pm Junior 2C Cheer Dance

5:30pm Junior Intermediate Cheer Dance

5:30pm Junior Advanced Cheer Dance

6:15pm Senior 1 Cheer Dance

6:15pm Senior Intermediate Cheer Dance

7:00pm Advanced Senior 1 Cheer Dance

7:00pm Advanced Senior 2 Cheer Dance

7:45pm Adult Cheer Team - INVITATION ONLY


4:00pm Infant Hip Hop

4:00pm Junior 1 Hip Hop

4:00pm F2D Cuties - INVITATION ONLY

4:45pm Lil'Ghetto Hip Hop Team - INVITATION ONLY

4:45pm F2D X-Plosion 2 - INVITATION ONLY

5:30pm Junior 2 Hip Hop

5:30pm F2D Fierce - INVITATION ONLY

6:15pm Fresh New Beatz - INVITATION ONLY

6:15pm F2D X-Plosion - INVITATION ONLY

7:00pm Junior 3 Hip Hop

7:00pm F2D Warriors - INVITATION ONLY

7:45pm F2D Flawless - INVITATION ONLY


9:00am Infant Primary Acro Dance 

9:00am Junior Beginner Cheer Dance 

9:45am Infant Beginner Cheer Dance 

9:45am Junior Primary Acro Dance

9:45am Senior Hip Hop - INVITATION ONLY

10:30am Junior Beginner Cheer Dance

10:30am No Apology Hip Hop Team - INVITATION ONLY

10:30am Junior Primary / Level 1 Acro Dance

11:15am Acro Dance Level 1


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